All humans have emotions we feel daily and at some point in our lives, we learn how to handle these emotions when they arise.

If we can teach our children to cope with emotions from the start, they have more success in everyday moments and relationships.

Learn how to teach your children what emotions are and how to handle them with this short course from Nurtured Pediatrics.

You’ll walk away with:

  • Activities and language to teach your child about emotions
  • Daily practice ideas
  • Tangible resources to help your little become a pro at managing their emotions

Have you ever been at the store and your child melts on the floor?

They didn’t get to choose something to buy, brother pushed them, the wind blew…

Emotions happen, to all of us — and the earlier we can learn to manage these emotions when they arise, the better.

The field of pediatrics is learning through experience and research that “suck it up” and “stop crying”

#1 does not work

#2 can be harmful to the development of emotional maturity

Children begin to experience and manage big emotions early (terrific twos, anyone?) and their loving adults are their best teachers!

I have a technique that works to teach all about emotions —

what they are,

what they feel like,

and what to do when they arise.

Let me help you learn how to nurture your child’s emotional maturity in this short course!

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