Why We Made This

Why we created this course

We felt that there was a gap out there in parent feeding resources. There are a lot of nutrition courses and there are a lot of development resources, but very few for parents that address and consider both development and nutrition. We wanted to create one resource for families to empower you to nourish your littles from the very first bite and beyond.

What we’re going to talk about…

How to get started, when to start, preventing picky eating, safety, and cultivating your relationship with your child to make them strong and adventurous eaters, how to provide nutrient dense foods from the start, and so much more.

Please know this...

Although we are here to share our expertise, we firmly believe PARENTS ARE THE EXPERTS, we are here to give the power back to you, the parents. This course is meant to empower you and give you the knowledge and confidence to feed your littles from infancy and beyond!


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